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Talk to us about capturing your corporate event for future. For future or training purposes. We can cover; live events - promotions - inhouse training videos - sports - vlogs - corporate podcasts - and many more. Below is a selection of businesses we have helped over the last few years. Businesses such as: Fenland District Council, Nine Lives Media, New Paradigm Productions etc.

Companies we have worked with:


Death in Podville Death in Podville Audio Drama
29 Jul 2022
After three long years, we have finally finished our Death in Podville audio drama. A ten part murder mystery set in our very own Cambridgeshire. Episodes are out now Read more.
Lifeshot Podcast Lifeshot Podcast
11 Mar 2020
We followed LifeShot around Cambridge, inside and out, as they created their podcast. Read more.


Eyrie Press Kitstarter 2 Successful Kickstarter Video
30 Jun 2020
Upload of a Kickstarter video for Mia Hansson. Her idea is for a adult colouring book based on images from the Bayeux Tapestry. READ MORE



Muscle Car Promo Video Muscle Car Promo Video
16 May 2020
Filmed a promo video for two classic muscle cars using social distancing at all times. SEE MORE
Skylark Maize Maze & Funyard Skylark Maize Maze and Funyard
28 Jun 2018
We filmed with Skylarks for 4 months in the lead up to their summer launch creating loads of videos and working directly with their PR department.

Archaeological and Historical Groups

Suffolk Archaeology (Now Cotswolds Archaeology) Dig Diary
01 Oct 2017
We were asked to record and document the final stages of the digging of the burnt mound, and create a last "dig diary" for the upcoming public open day. This was very last minute and brought on some big challenges.

Music Venues

Dance Schools

Razzamataz End of Year - Dance School Video
31 Aug 2021
With COVID19 affecting lots of things, dances schools were hit, not being able to showcase their students achieved over the past year. We helped "Razzamataz Theatre School" in Cambridge, to create a show for their parents. Read more.

Online Courses

Short Story Writing Course Short Story Writing Course (Teachable)
23 Nov 2020
Over the summer one project we were involved with was the creation of an online writing course for short stories. Working with Eyrie Press and the authors Megan Taylor & Giselle Leeb we were able to remotely create the content for this brilliant course. READ MORE


C-Group Awards Cameraman C-Group Awards MWO - Event Cameraman
Oct 2016
One of several camera persons covering the 3 hour award ceremony in London. My role was static and mobile camera operator moving around the floor and covering close up of the stage under the control of the producer.
Hereward Media Hereward Media (Peterborough)
23-27 Aug 2016
The music festival was part of a 5 day long event supporting the Peterborough Beer Festival in 2016.

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