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Client:- Eyrie Press CIC

Location:- March

Web:- www.eyriepress.co.uk

Phone: N/A

This is my second project involving online courses and both have been uploaded to Teachable.com. This one was created for Eyrie Press in the middle of COVID19 which brought about a lot of complexities in getting the video and material from the authors. This was an Arts Council funded project. All the video had to be filmed by themselves and transfered across for editing.

Working with Eyrie Press we developed the videos to blend with the course material. Trying to link the video with the descriptions. The authors Megan Taylor and Giselle Leeb are amazing authors who were very helpful in overcoming a few minor technical issues. The course in now available on Teachable

What equipment did we use?

How long did it take to film?

How many crew?

How long did it take to edit?

What lessons did we learn?

Video was filmed on the owner's iPhones.

One take for the whole course with a couple of specific retakes.

2x authors, 1x video editor, 1x publisher

The project took 6 months from concept to publication.

More new ways and techniques to film projects during a lockdown.

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