Monet Dawson

Short Film "The Seduction of Monet Dawson (2020)"

What was it for?

Who was involved?

The film has now been completed and has found a home on Amazon Prime, where, if you're a member, you can watch the film for free.

The film is based on part of a book written by E. Clay by the same title.

Amazon Prime - UK

Amazon Prime - US

Book is available on Amazon

We had two main actors, Natasha Burnett [imdb] and Al Jones, supported by Jodie Jasmin Hicks. Michael Avellino played the waiter and Elijah Hargrave-Griffith played Clay's son. Five seated extras were used for the restaurant scene.

The hotel were very accommodating with the filming but don not wish to be mentioned in the film.

Filming began on 4 Jul 2019 and was wrapped up by 28 Aug 2019.



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Shelby Mustang GT500
One of the films stars.

Cast List

Natasha Burnett - Monet
Al Jones - Clay
Jodie Jasmin Hicks - Barbara
Elijah Hargrave-Griffith - Clay's son
Michael Avellino - waiter
Nicholas Betson - Restaurant patron
Lynn Morgan - Restaurant patron
Helen Coughlan - Restaurant patron
Eddie Thompkins III - Restaurant patron

Project Details

Project Summary

Client: New Paradigm Productions

Location: Huntingdon

Web: N/A

Phone: N/A

The project took 5 days to film, two at a house we rented, one at a hotel for the restaurant scene, one for the opening sequence and one for pickups. The film took about 6 months to edit as it had to go through various stages. We commissioned Jon Lawrence, a local musician, to create an original score for the latter half of the film to give it a 90s feel. The opening music I found had a "Stranger Things" vibe which was from the late 80s era. Something I felt people could relate to, immediately. We tried our best to get everything from that period, but mistakes always creep in.

What equipment did we use? GH5, GH4, iPhone 8 & Canon XF-305
How long did it take to film? 5 days
How many crew? 1x cameraman; 1x sound recordist; 1x driver; 1x makeup artist
How long did it take to edit? Over a 6 month period
What lessons did we learn? Need to priorties the shooting order on each filming days when there are time limits.

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