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Here are the latest news and events that have happened since we have formed


5-7 Jul 2019 Filmed "Monet Dawson". More details to follow...
15 May 2019 Filmed a podcast interview for Clint Grove with Jon Nicholson. See the video here.
28 Apr 2019 Spent the day filming with ECHO Company and BushCraft Lab UK on their second of five sets of videos. This one is about water purification.
11 Apr 2019 Footage provided by DMJ Imagery Ltd was used in a Channel 5 documentary Inside Tesco: Britain's Biggest Supermarket.
21 Mar 2019 Finished the first draft for the film Monet Dawson due to be filmed this summer.
07 Mar 2019 Minor updates to privacy policy v1.1 [highlighted in red]
18 Feb 2019 We are involved in a Kickstarter project The Hospital Hoppities Status:Current
  2019 Events
05 Dec 2018 Release of our first video with ECHO Company/Bushcraft Lab UK
18 Oct 2018 Launch of our Book Trailer services.
18 Oct 2018 Our website gained it's SSL certificate. The website is now https://www.dmj-imagery.co.uk
2 Oct 2018 The latest film The Redeemed was released on YouTube. Find out more at TheRedeemed911
8 Sep 2018 Supported Wake Hereward Project in Bourne: Website
18 Jul 2018 Find out more about our advertising campaign with Skylark Garden Centre.
8 Jul 2018 Chatteris events page. Films of past Chatteris in Bloom, Midsummer festival and Christmas Lights. See more
18 Jun 2018 Unveiling of our banner for supporting the Chatteris Cricket Club.
3 Jul 2018 Video show in Cambs Times for Midsummer Festival: Press
4 Jun 2018 Launch of the Bulk Aerial Imagery Analysis Service Click for more details
28 May 2018 VHS to Digitial advertising campaign Behind the scenes
25 May 2018 Now GDPR has come into force as of 25 May 2018. We have updated our privacy policy. For more details click to see the new terms for handling, storage and deletion.
2 May 2018 Videos for Word Up Festival - Bedtime Stories: Website
22 Jan 2018 George Clare VC Commemoration Service DVD available Click here for more details
  2018 Events
27 Nov 2017 Cyber Monday one day sale.
2017/18 Advert in the Chatteris Centrepoint Newsletter: Copy
25 Nov 2017 Dig Diary video for Suffolk Archaeology Open Day: Media Report
1 Nov 2017 Launch of the Podcasting Service. More details
  2017 Events
21 Oct 2016 Graphic Novel Workshop video for artist Jade Sarson: Blog
17 Jul 2016 Write up by Author Claire Upton on Prose to Print event: Blog
8 Apr 2016 DMJ Imagery Ltd founded.

We work with a variety of clients including; local organisations, community interest companies and corporate events.